Somewhere Between Here and There

Congratulations! You have stumbled across my cozy little corner of the Internet.

Here you will find random info and stuff that will sound absolutely crazy. But that's okay! Because, well, life without some craziness would be very, very, very boring. What you will hear me mention and talk about most will be about my dæmon Ryusan, and dæmonism in general. Dæmonism isn't a crazy concept, it is very real and taken seriously by us dæmians. Whats a dæmon you ask? Well I'll sum it up here for ya. A dæmon is you. For a much better explanation you'll have to click that nifty little link on the top there.

Now, why did I decide to create this little place. Don't know. Boredom perhaps. Either way the title is perfect because that's where I normally am. Never here nor there, just somewhere.

Please, this is a personal site and I ask that you respect my views. You dont have to agree with them, just respect them. Go ahead and ask me any questions you have, but dont just tell me I'm crazy.  I dont need anyone but me to tell me that bit of obvious info. :D